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Guitar Riffs First Position E Minor Pentatonic Scale

Lesson ID: A0008

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn some awesome licks in the first position of the E minor pentatonic scale. Once you memorize the pentatonic scales, you’ll be able to play lead guitar all the way up and down the neck of the guitar without getting lost on the fretboard. The pentatonic scales can be used to solo over the majority of country songs you hear on the radio.

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3 years ago

Amazing how much your videos have progressed from the beginning! Even from your earliest videos you have you kept all the background crap out. Nice and clean even from the start! I don’t like the videos where the guy talks about everything else besides the lesson goal. I watch their videos for the lessons. To learn. They spend 5 minutes talking about crap not playing and then they fly through the lesson and don’t play slow enough or demonstrate the movements. I like when you let it fly though and play though but appreciate you keep the lesson on track.

Susan Wagner
Susan Wagner(@shysue)
3 years ago

I had a real “lightbulb” moment during this lesson. Thanks, Devin!