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The Journey needs a boot 🥾  

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Ahhh, the “I’m going to learn to play guitar journey” and you're off....

Google=8 million choices 

YouTube=11,000 online lessons

Infinite choices are paralyzing. Overwhelming at best. Beginners jump in with visions of playing like Clapton, Santana, Emmanuel, Strings.  Then you hit that “plateau.”  Search endlessly for progress. Different teachers explaining the same stuff in different ways. You’ve  made a little progress and can plink out what sounds like a tune, (now you’re hooked) but kind of just stay there a little too long. What next?  At this point you find your way to a light switch in that dark cluttered room, the angels sing!!!

Right now for me it’s playing scales with Devin’s backing tracks, looping the same tracks, learning little licks and riffs. Hell yeah!!! 

What’s doing it for you?



Posted : 09/07/2020 10:07 am
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Eric Reinhardt
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I just practice a little of something every day. Usually warm up trying to remember the different positions of the pentatonic scale

Posted : 09/07/2020 8:58 pm
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