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easy country bluegrass fill riffs in d guitar lesson

Country & Bluegrass Rhythm Fill Riffs in D

June 6, 2017 14

In this guitar lesson, we’ll take a look at how to play country and bluegrass rhythm fill riffs in the key of D. I’ll teach you six of my favorite fill riffs in the key of D and we’ll practice them with a nice country and bluegrass…

Country Strumming over Hank Sr. Style Progressions

May 27, 2017 28

In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you three of my favorite country strumming patterns that’ll improve your pick accuracy and make your guitar sound fuller. I’ll break down each of the strumming patterns in detail and then…

hybrid picking rhythm with melody line folk country music guitar lesson

Alternate the Bass Line and Pluck the Melody

May 17, 2017 14

In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach y’all one of my favorite hybrid picking patterns that involves plucking a basic melody line with your fingers while the pick alternates between bass…

beginner country hybrid picking chord embellishments

Hybrid Picking Rhythm with Chord Embellishments

May 7, 2017 12

Up until this point in our hybrid picking course, I’ve taught y’all a few of my favorite hybrid picking patterns that you can use in country songs as a replacement for strumming. In this lesson, I’ll show you some nice chord…

improvise bluegrass guitar solos using scales guitar lesson

Bluegrass Guitar Solo over Song by The Grascals

May 1, 2017 12

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn two full-length guitar solos over a common bluegrass chord progression. The first guitar solo is a basic solo with a nice melody that will push your pick control to the next level…

country rhythm guitar hybrid picking

Country Hybrid Picking with an Alternating Bass Line

April 21, 2017 20

In this lesson, we’re going to add more to the country hybrid picking pattern that we studied in the previous lesson of this series. We’ll get comfortable alternating the bass line with our pick which will get you ready to learn…

country hybrid picking rhythm guitar course

Makin’ Your Rhythm Guitar Country with Hybrid Picking

April 14, 2017 34

This is the first guitar lesson in a series of videos where we’ll be showing y’all how to make your rhythm guitar sound country with hybrid picking. In this lesson, I’ll teach you a really useful hybrid picking pattern that can…

easy beginner country bluegrass guitar lessons

New Website Features!

April 2, 2017 9

Click the Add to Favorites button to bookmark a lesson and watch later. To view your favorites, go to the Top Menu Bar > Lessons > My Favorites. Also, never waste time watching the same lesson twice! Click the Mark Complete button to add a checkmark to…

ill fly away bluegrass flatpicking solo break guitar lesson tablature

I’ll Fly Away in the Style of Alan Jackson

March 28, 2017 28

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how play the traditional gospel song “I’ll Fly Away” in the style of Alan Jackson. First we’ll go over the chord progressions and a few strumming patterns you can play behind your vocals. Then I’ll teach you two variations of the instrumental break…