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In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a 12 bar bluesy country guitar solo in the key of E. This guitar solo sounds great over the 12 bar blues progression that we studied in the previous guitar lesson here at Country Guitar Online called 12 Bar Blues in the Style of Merle Haggard. Download the guitar solo tablature below the lesson video, and after you learn the guitar solo, try practicing along with the backing track on this lesson post. This solo has a simple bluesy melody and it is a perfect example of how less can be more when you’re playing lead guitar. Also try using the key of E blues scale and the E major pentatonic scale to create your own bluesy country solo over this lesson’s backing track.


Playthrough with Tablature

Full Breakdown

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Line 1 – Measures 1 through 5
08:19 min Line 2 – Measures 6 through 9
13:01 min Line 3 – Measures 10 through 13
18:42 min Practice the Solo With Me

Backing Track

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