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Chicken Pickin’ Lick 2 in A

Lesson ID: A0216

Here is Chicken Pickin’ Guitar Lick 2 in the key of A. This electric guitar riff is extremely useful because it sounds amazing over just about every country chord progression in the key of A. Many country guitar licks are designed to be played over specific chords, but this chicken pickin’ electric guitar lick works well over most chords in A (especially the I, IV, and V chords). After you learn this country guitar lick, practice playing it over the full-length backing track that comes with this lesson.

I prefer using Woodtone Triangle Picks (black) in .71mm for chicken pickin’ because shape, size, and flex of these picks feels perfect.

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20 days ago

Loving the electric guitar lessons – super spicy

20 days ago

Devin, are you playing through an amp or direct into computer? In either scenario, what is your setup? Love the tone

Trevor Gill
Trevor Gill(@trev)
14 days ago

Where’s the chicken gone?