Lesson 6 – Country & Bluegrass Rhythm Course
Lesson ID: A0107

In the previous lessons of this course, I taught you several important strumming techniques that’ll make your rhythm guitar playing sound country and bluegrass. We covered the basics in lesson one of this series, and then we worked our way up to some fairly complex country bluegrass rhythm in later lessons.

In this guitar lesson, I’m going to show you seven different strumming patterns that will make your playing sound even more country. I’ll break down each strumming pattern in detail and then we’ll practice our country strumming over the classic country song “Write This Down” by George Strait.

Lesson Overview

Strumming Patterns

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Rhythm Guitar Course Recap
02:32 min Down Beats and Up Beats – Pick and Strum Direction
03:58 min Strumming Pattern 1
05:06 min Strumming Pattern 2
08:05 min Strumming Pattern 3
09:50 min Strumming Pattern 4
11:41 min Strumming Pattern 5
14:23 min Strumming Pattern 6
16:00 min Strumming Pattern 7
17:14 min Creating Your Own Strumming Patterns

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Chord Progressions

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min How to Practice
01:16 min Intro Chord Progression
02:22 min Verse Chord Progression Breakdown
04:27 min Verse Chord Progression Playthrough
05:06 min Chorus Chord Progression
06:35 min Instrumental Break
06:48 min Helpful Tips, Bridge, and Ending

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Practice playing the seven strumming patterns we learned in this guitar lesson over the song “Write This Down” by George Strait. This song is great for practicing country rhythm technique because it’s played at a relatively slow pace and it has that classic country sound we’re focusing on in this lesson series.

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