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Chicken Pickin’ Lick 2 in A

Lesson ID: A0216

Here is Chicken Pickin’ Guitar Lick 2 in the key of A. This electric guitar riff is extremely useful because it sounds amazing over just about every country chord progression in the key of A. Many country guitar licks are designed to be played over specific chords, but this chicken pickin’ electric guitar lick works well over most chords in A (especially the I, IV, and V chords). After you learn this country guitar lick, practice playing it over the full-length backing track that comes with this lesson.

I prefer using Woodtone Triangle Picks (black) in .71mm for chicken pickin’ because shape, size, and flex of these picks feels perfect.

Backing Track

Easy Country Fill Riffs in the Key of G

Lesson ID: A0214

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn three easy fill riffs that you can use to spice up your country & bluegrass rhythm guitar. Each fill riff is one measure long and you can use them in almost any chord progression in the key of G to replace one measure of strumming. These riffs sound especially great over slower country & bluegrass songs.

Chicken Pickin’ Lick 1 in A

Lesson ID: A0215

Here’s a classic country chicken pickin’ lick in the key of A. That first bend with your middle finger is pretty tricky — make sure you bend with your middle finger without bending the 1st and 2nd strings with your pointer/ring fingers. After you learn the chicken pickin’ lick, practice it with the backing track at the end of this video.

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Listen to the guitar lick
00:14 min Lick played twice at slow tempo with TAB
00:55 min Backing track practice

Muddy Drop D Riff

Lesson ID: A0213

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn a “muddy” country guitar riff. To play this riff, you’ll need to tune your guitar to drop D tuning (DADGBE), and check out the pick direction symbols in the TAB as you’re learning the riff.

The guitar in this video is a PRS SE P20 acoustic with a tobacco sunburst finish. Definitely worth checking out this guitar if you’re looking for a nice parlor acoustic. I love the tone and it’s super lightweight and fun to play.

If you like the tone of the strings on this guitar, they’re the new Woodtone nickel-infused acoustic guitar strings!

Hope y’all enjoy the lesson! 🤘🤠🤘

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Listen to the Drop D Riff
00:23 min Playthrough with Tablature
01:31 min Full Breakdown of the Riff