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Brad Paisley – Lick 3

Brad Paisley Guitar Lick 3 in C

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Lesson ID: CL0003
Key: C Major
Scale(s) Used:

  • C Major Scale > 4th/5th Positions
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5 years ago

I noticed you using your picky for half step slide, is there any advantage positioning the fret fingers as such?,, i have no problem using the ring finger here. Perhaps to set up for next lick?

5 years ago
Reply to  Devin

Agree, I do the same thing depending on what works best to position for stretches vibrato etc… I tend to keep in mind the classical finger positioning ( four finger/four fret approach).. but also know to use the stronger ring finger especially for stretches bends vibrato.. Appreciate all the cool bluegrass licks and more here too! Wishing you happy 2019

3 years ago

So beautiful lick!