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Red Haired Boy

Lesson ID: A0074

Red Haired Boy” is an old traditional bluegrass fiddle tune that’s become pretty popular among bluegrass flatpickers. In this guitar lesson, I’ll teach you the flatpicking part and the chord progression, along with a few techniques you can use to embellish your rhythm guitar playing.

Flatpicking Breakdown

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Lesson Overview
01:05 min Tablature Play Through – Slower Speed
03:45 min Helpful Tips
06:50 min Practice Along – Faster Speed

Rhythm Technique

Video Start Time Lesson Topic
00:00 min Rhythm Overview
00:31 min Basic Strumming Pattern
01:31 min “Boom Chicka” Embellishments
02:10 min Alternating Bass Notes

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Wade H
Wade H (@guest_230)
7 years ago

Very nice arrangement

Randy (@guest_231)
7 years ago

So awesome. I’ll be taking this one to the next jam for sure. Thanks Devin!

Harry (@guest_233)
7 years ago

I like the split screen with tabs nice work

Rick (@guest_243)
6 years ago

Devin, I’m very impressed with your website and your straight-forward teaching style. Good job.

Steve Watkins
Steve Watkins(@ab60steve)
6 years ago

Just catching up with past lessons Devin def like this one

robert runninger
robert runninger(@robertrun4172)
6 years ago

i have got pretty decent at this after countless hours, and thought i was done, but then i ran into tony rice master class, and seen additional riffs added to it. well the lessons are paying off! i am seeing, and hearing things i never did before. thanks again devin!

6 years ago

Awesome tune. I am kind of a guitar newbie especially to Bluegrass but I love the sound. You’re an excellent teacher and I am learning this very slow but it’s starting to sound like the song. Thanks a lot for the great lessons.

Trent (@guest_464)
6 years ago

Can you do a lesson on Gold Rush?

6 years ago

Wow just joined!!! hello yall! from new jersey 🙂 ..really so happy to see this ,, I will join annual,, very worth it.. love this bluegrass fiddle stuff! Got to go to work now but later today want to learn this from your wonderful awesome site!

5 years ago

This is nice and clean. Thanks

5 years ago

Really like the last measure! Whole tune is simply fun to play !

4 years ago

Awesome stuff here…..started very slow and after a few days I started flying through this dead on and with tone!
Thanks Devin

Matt Dylan
Matt Dylan(@xylin6yahoo-com)
3 years ago

Salt Creek and Red Haired Boy share a few similarities it seems, love both!

Allen Gibbs
Allen Gibbs(@allen-g)
1 year ago

Nice lesson, just about got it memorized.. thank you

Allen Gibbs
Allen Gibbs(@allen-g)
1 year ago

It’s crazy how much difference 10% is. I can’t get 100% , i can do it but not consistently yet. I can do 90% fine.
Great lesson.. I love it

Allen Gibbs
Allen Gibbs(@allen-g)
1 year ago

i can finally do 100% speed. I’ve been stuck on 90% speed for 3 days. i love this. thank you.