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Blackberry Blossom Chord Progression

Blackberry Blossom

“Blackberry Blossom” is a traditional fiddle tune in the public domain that was made popular by Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith in the early 1900s. The exact origins of the tune are unknown, but it has been traced to a Kentucky fiddler named Dick Burnett who said he learned his version from a northeastern fiddler named Bob Johnson, and Johnson claimed to have learned the tune from a blind fiddler named Ed Haley.

In bluegrass, “Blackberry Blossom” was originally brought to the public’s attention as a banjo tune by Bill Keith and the melody was later made popular on guitar by legendary pickers Tony Rice, Norman Blake, and Doc Watson.

This song is usually played in the key of G but some capo their 2nd fret and use key of G chords to transpose the song to A. There are a few different variations of this tune, but we’ll tab out one of the more common chord progressions below.

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