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Meet Your Instructor

about-devin-shawn-country-guitar-teacherBorn and raised in central Texas, Devin has been studying guitar and piano for the past 20 years. At age 19, he moved to Nashville for a short period, then finished up his master’s degree at Texas State University. Devin has performed on 6th Street in Austin, TX several times and he enjoys practicing and teaching guitar on a daily basis.

Devin started his guitar career learning classic rock and blues on an old Stratocaster and it wasn’t long before he discovered country music. After college, Devin shifted his focus to the acoustic guitar and began studying bluegrass. In Devin’s opinion, “Bluegrass guitar is basically country style lead guitar licks played on an acoustic guitar in a very fast-paced and dynamic way. There’s so much to learn when it comes to country and bluegrass guitar and it never gets old.”

Today, Devin’s shares his passion for guitar with pickers of all skill levels through his guitar lesson videos hosted on Country Guitar Online and YouTube. Be sure to register and subscribe for his latest lesson updates!