Tablature Request

Guitar Tablature

Almost every guitar lesson video that you see in our Browse All Lessons Page comes with guitar tablature. Lesson tablature files can be found by clicking the “tablature buttons” below each lesson video.

Personalized Transcriptions

Don’t see the TAB that you want? Devin will transcribe it for you!

Devin will gladly do a personalized tablature transcription of any country/bluegrass guitar video or audio recording you can find! His rate is $40/minute of transcription (for example, a 2 minute long guitar break would cost $80, $40 x 2m = $80). However, Devin creates individual estimates for every project, so something a little harder might go up in price, while something a little easier might go down in price.

You will receive accurate tablature and the Guitar Pro file upon completion of the project.

If you’d like a tablature transcription of your favorite recording, just fill out and submit the form below!