Monthly Giveaway

Three free BlueChip guitar picks given away every month

How does it work?

All Country Guitar Online members are automatically enrolled in the Monthly Giveaway. Members will earn points by visiting CountryGuitarOnline.com regularly, commenting on lessons, etc. (point structure below). The three members who earn the most points throughout the month will receive a free BlueChip guitar pick of their choice ($35 value).

How do you earn points?

Points Action
5 Earn 5 points for visiting CountryGuitarOnline.com at least once in a day.
15 Earn 15 points for posting a new comment or reply on a lesson page.
10 Earn 10 points for receiving a reply on one of your previous comments.
10 Earn 10 points for becoming a new member at CGO.

About BlueChip Guitar Picks

BlueChip guitar picks are some of the smoothest playing guitar picks on the market for country and bluegrass. They produce a rich sound for flatpicking that’s hard to get out of cheaper guitar picks. BlueChip sells a variety of shapes and sizes. You’ll see Devin playing the BlueChip TP60 in his most recent lessons. He highly recommends this shape and thickness. If you like a slightly thinner pick, the TP50 also works great. Let us know if you have any questions about BlueChip picks and you can visit bluechippicks.net to learn more about their guitar picks.

Other Important Contest Rules

  • The winners are chosen on the last day of each month and your points will reset back to zero at the beginning of each month.
  • When you win the giveaway, Devin will contact you via e-mail to ask which guitar pick you would like.
  • The best way to earn points is by commenting on lesson pages, but please don’t post an excessive amount of comments in a very short period of time just for the purpose of increasing points and winning the monthly giveaway. The purpose of this contest is to encourage meaningful discussion among CGO members, regular website visits, and more regular guitar practice. Posting 20 or more similar/random comments in a day is considered excessive, and as fair warning, this could result in your disqualification from the giveaway for that particular month. We want this to be a fun and fair contest for everyone, but still a contest where regular CGO users will be rewarded the most.
  • You can win a BlueChip pick more than once. If you finish in the top three in a given month, you will win the monthly giveaway even if you have already won in a previous month.
  • Your membership at Country Guitar Online must be active to win. If your membership is expired or cancelled on the last day of the month, you will not qualify to win the BlueChip guitar pick in that particular month.