NOTE: The July 2021 Giveaway is postponed… we’ll start the giveaway again in August 2021. I’ve been in Hawaii for a wedding the past few weeks and I forgot to keep everything updated for the giveaway. Sorry about that! Hope y’all are doing well! I’m trying to catch up on everything and will have a new lesson video posted here in a couple weeks. – Devin
Five people win a Blue Chip Pick of their choice!

How does the giveaway work?

Country Guitar Online members will earn points while they use the site. The top 25 people with the most points at this end of the month on May 31, 2021 will be entered in a drawing. Five winners will be randomly selected.

If you won last month, you can win again this month 👍

How to Earn Points

Value How to Earn Points
50 Points For becoming a new member at CGO
7 Points For posting a topic or reply in the Forum (35 points max per day)
1 Point For liking a comment in the Forum
10 Points For logging in to Country Guitar Online (10 points max per day)
5 Points For viewing a new guitar lesson (5 points max per day)