Five people will receive THREE packs of Woodtone Strings.

Here’s a link: Hercules Guitar Wall Hangers

How does it work?

Country Guitar Online members will earn points while they use the site. The five people with the most points at this end of the month on October 31, 2020 will win the Woodtone Strings (Country Series Acoustic Guitar Strings).

If you won last month, you can win again this month 👍

How to Earn Points

Value How to Earn Points
50 Points For becoming a new member at CGO
7 Points For posting a topic or reply in the Forum (35 points max per day)
1 Point For liking a comment in the Forum
10 Points For logging in to Country Guitar Online (10 points max per day)
5 Points For viewing a new guitar lesson (5 points max per day)