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2 years ago

The backing tracks are helping me more than any other tool I’ve come across!! Not only for the lesson or song but using them as I run scales, string skipping, riffs etc…
I ran scales for about 3 hours yesterday!! I see it’s helping my accuracy and speed. So excited! Can you attach a link to the scales in the key of the track? This would save a lot of hunting. I love your site!

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1 year ago

C Major Blues scale drill: Working on pinky and ring finger control with the 3rd string until could pick up that pinky without thinking about it. By far the most difficult drill I’ve practiced. Switching between the ring and pinky on that G to F# my pinky wanted to flail back and go under the fret board every time. I played just those two notes for entire backing track several times to get it clean. My brain finally caught up!