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      Merry Christmas and happy new year to all CGO members. I plan to by my first guitar Martin D28 in the summer 2019. My purpose for this year is to improve my hybrid picking. Do you have purposes?

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      Merry Christmas to everyone and a great New Year.   My aim this year is to develop my playing, expand on the songs I know and to play more live with a group I’ve joined.  Our first gig is Fri 28 Dec.  Really looking forward to it.

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        Have a good one Justin…

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        Finally got my Martin last week.

        The one on the bottom. Got a great deal in it too. Brand new.

        The one in the top left is the first x series before they were called that, great guitar… but the USA one.. slays it.

        So, play as many as you can .. and even new.. INSPECT EVERYTHING!

        As the first one was given back to the store.. for damage issues.


        Had new strings of my choice, straplocks and a set up done before I ever had seen this one, as it had to be ordered.

        Rosewood back and sides, sitka spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fret board and the fishman matrix vt enhance in it.

        It even shreds against distortion, fuzz and od turned on all together. no lousy feedback from soundhole.

        Rich and sparkling.. as any Martin should be.

        Hope you get yours soon. look for closeouts.. i saved 1,000 on this one…






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      Happy Holidays! Good idea, I always like setting guitar-related New Year’s resolutions too. Buying a Martin D28 will be exciting! Post a picture when you find the right one. Hybrid picking is a good goal…I’ll try and add some more hybrid picking lessons to keep you interested 🙂

      One of my New Year’s resolutions is to record several of the lessons that people are requesting in the Lesson Requests forum post. Also, a main goal is to keep finishing out the guitar courses that I have in progress…I also really want to start a Crosspicking Course and a complete beginner 101 course for brand new pickers. Really looking forward to the Crosspicking Course! One more goal is to stick with a regular practice schedule and to keep learning new songs and techniques.

      I’m really grateful to all the members here at CGO for supporting my guitar lessons and for making all of this possible. Thank you all so much for being a part of Country Guitar Online, and I hope everybody has a happy new year in 2019!


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