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    Hi Devin,

    So I’m playing some old Hank Williams stuff..   Settin’ the woods on fire.. It’s fun and easy.. But I want to play some sort of lead part over the instrumental break and I’m really having trouble figuring out what scale to play out of.

    The chords in the song are G, C, F, D7..   So that makes me want to say the key is in either G or C I’ve tried noodling around on Gmaj, Cmaj, Gmin pentatonic and Cmin pentatonic and I just can’t seem to find anything that sounds like it belongs.  Could you help me figure out what scale would be appropriate?

    The chord progression is

    C F G G

    C F G C

    F C D7 G

    C F G C



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    Hey Josh! Great song…might have to do a lesson on this one at some point.

    It’s in the key of C. Head over to the Lick Library and filter for the key of C licks https://countryguitaronline.com/bluegrass-guitar-licks/
    All of the key of C licks will sound great over this song…

    You’ll see some helpful scale charts below the key of C lick videos. You’ll mainly want to use the C major pentatonic scale https://countryguitaronline.com/major-pentatonic-scales/ or the C major scale https://countryguitaronline.com/major-scale-charts-guitar/

    You can also mix in the C minor pentatonic scale notes https://countryguitaronline.com/minor-pentatonic-scales/ and the C blues scale https://countryguitaronline.com/blues-scales/

    Hope that helps!

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