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      Hi Devin, Getting so as I can play along with others now, we throw a couple bashes a year and often end up round the fire till the early hours. I practice as much as I can without looking at my hands but as I get better and am moving up the neck, I need a few pointers, Is there anything you can suggest other than what i’m doing.

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      Hey Richard! Your music jams sound like a good time. One thing that helped me… when I practice sitting down with the guitar resting on my knee, instead of having the guitar rest on my leg closer to my knee so it’s angled and I can look down and see the fretboard…what I’ll do instead is have the guitar rest on my leg closer to my hip so when I look down the fretboard is pointed out away from me so I can’t see the fretboard if I look down. This has helped me trust my fingers and build the muscle memory for playing without looking down and for playing in the dark. It takes some getting used to, but this has helped me a lot.

      Good luck! Hope that helps –


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      I’t amazing how just the slightest adjustment to how you do things makes a such a big difference, what you suggested works a treat, thanks. Its funny how some of the simplest things you just cant work out for yourself sometimes without being told, I like to think I’m a problem solver but I didn’t see that. My problem solving is still good though,  I was smart enough to ask someone who knows.

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