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    i’m learning man of constant sorrow.  but im confused by the notation. ( i prefer using notation when i can )  for example a 3 on the A string is not a D#, or a 7 on the the D string is not a G,  this happens through out.  can you give me a clue as to how the notation was derived  or if theirs anything im missing.   otherwise i enjoy your music lessons and like your selections.     thank you very much for your reply.

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    Hey Bruce – The standard notation there is auto generated by Guitar Pro. You’re right that it doesn’t quite line up with the actual notes you should play. Maybe the software got thrown off by the Capo? The tablature is accurate and honestly I don’t even pay attention to the standard notation just because I find the tablature much easier. I really just include the standard notation because it helps with note values so people can get down the timing. I can take a look and see if I the latest version of Guitar Pro generates it properly. Maybe they fixed their software bug. I always assumed Guitar Pro generated the standard notation correctly but it looks like they may have had a glitch along the way. Thanks for the note!

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    Hey Bruce – One more follow up… I just updated the Man of Constant Sorrow tablature files for the intro and the main solo. I just realized that the previous version with the funky standard notation was tabbed in TablEdit software and not Guitar Pro. I used TablEdit for my earlier lessons but then switched over to Guitar Pro for the newer stuff. I didn’t check every single note in the standard notation but hopefully it’ll work better for you. The tablature format is slightly different so I’ll probably update the lesson videos later on but the tablature PDF files are updated for now! Enjoy your weekend –

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