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      Hey Devin,

      Last night I took my first ever Jam Class.  It was nerve racking but I got comfortable as the class went on.  I played “Paradise” and “ Little Mounatin Church House”.  The instructor talked about “kickoffs”  to start a song.  Could you point out where I can find beginner “ kickoffs” in G on the website.

      Thanks so much, Richie

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      Excellent question.  Beginnings and endings are hard for beginners.

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      Hey Richie! That would actually be a really great lesson topic…kickoffs and endings that you can use for almost any bluegrass song. Maybe I’ll put together a lesson on that next. Some of the bluegrass song lessons I already have on the site teach kickoffs and standard endings but I think this would be a helpful lesson for a lot of people. I might break it into two lessons..one teaching kickoffs and another teaching endings. Thanks for the idea – Devin

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