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Foggy Mountain Rock Chord Progression

Foggy Mountain Rock

“Foggy Mountain Rock” is a classic bluegrass tune written by the dobro player Josh Graves of Flatt and Scruggs. This song was played as the theme song for “The Sunday Night Bluegrass Spectacular” in York, Pennsylvania from the late 1960s through the early 1970s. “Foggy Mountain Rock” has a nice bluesy feel to it and the chord progression is very similar to what you’ll see in several other common bluegrass songs. It traditionally showcases the dobro, but it has been adapted to guitar, banjo, and mandolin by various bluegrass artists over the years.

This song is a great one to use for practi
cing your bass line walks between chords and bluegrass fills. Below we’ll tab out a common way to play the rhythm guitar part in the key of G.

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