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Returning after a brief hiatus  

Jake Gottlob
New Member

My name is Jake and although I was here for a very short time before, I never signed in.  Obviously I’m back and have a number of questions that I’ll ask at another time.  I live in New Jersey, and looking forward to learning country guitar with the help of this site and this forum.  If I get too annoying, please let me know.

Posted : 15/09/2020 7:53 am
Eric Reinhardt
Reputable Member

Welcome Jake!

Posted : 15/09/2020 7:54 am
Reputable Member

Hi Jake.

I’m from NewJersey song  

I’m from New Jersey and I’m proud about it. 
i love the Garden State. 
I’m from New Jersey and I brag about it, I think it’s simply great.

All of the other folks across the nation, may mean a lot to some. 
But, I wouldn’t want another, Jersey is like no other. 

im glad that’s where I’m from!!

I’m a Jersey girl, band geek, Atlantic County born 


Posted : 15/09/2020 8:16 am
Susan Wagner
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Hi, Jake! Welcome to CGO. Don't worry about being annoying; let's get some conversation going on this forum. 😀 

Posted : 15/09/2020 7:39 pm